Creative Director at Mangrove. Realisation


Really digging the work of Breda-based artist Hedof. His latest NewWork is a mural in collaboration with Portuguese illustrator AkaCorleone to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Amsterdam-Lisbon connection. Commissioned by KLM.

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Creative Director at Mangrove. Realisation

In-Ear Equalizer

What if you could control the sound IN your ears with a fancy App? Reduce Bass at a festival. Add Treble at a live concert. Mute sounds on the subway. This Kickstarted project promises just that: an equalizer for your ears.

Hear Here


Motion Graphics at Bewegend Ontwerp


Our friends of the IAA are inviting us NewWorkers for their free borrel/haringparty tomorrow (thu 12 jun) at 17:30 at het Sieraad, Amsterdam! So come along and join us drinking beer in the sun. All you have to do is go to their site and register. Choose the option ‘I love New Work en Sieraad [alleen borrel] Vanaf 17:30 uur’. See you there!



Consultant for creative agencies

Dutch Digital

A new platform on Dutch Digital Design has been launched, to celebrate the best Dutch digital design and work on visibility  – together with agencies and creatives. The coming Creatie magazine will be all about this theme and there will be an event in Pakhuis de Zwijger. That will be organized by Jort Schutte and Daniel Sytsma, Wouter Boon, Owen van Dijk and me as initiator : )

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