New WeTransfer

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New WeTransfer

Last week I was invited by my man Nalden for the presentation of The New WeTransfer, just launched in beta today. Before showing the new features, the results so far were shown: 193,203,129 transfers since the start, wow. And the cool thing is: 50% (200 million wallpaper views every month) of advertising goes to supporting the creative community, photographers, designers, illustrators. Go Transfer!

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Co-owner / designer at Stijlbende

You’ve got .mail

.Mail is a clever new take on the classic e-mail client by designer Tobias van Schneider. The main concept of .mail revolves around actionsteps; an integrated task management system where you can list and prioritize your actions revolving from e-mail messages. Other great features are a centralized attachment management and integrated social media notifications.

Read all about it here

Super Slow-mo

Associate Creative Director at SuperHeroes

Super Slow-mo

Always thought these kinds of shots were CG? Not always. This super-fast, super slow-mo, robotic camera rig makes the most amazing shots possible, with precise camera moves, even motion easing, all within fractions of a second. Also check out what people have been doing with it in this showreel.

Meet Spike.

The V Motion

Partner at FONK

The V Motion

project combines the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators to create an amazing visual instrument. Creating music through motion is at the heart of this creation and uses the power of the Kinect to capture movement and translate it into music which is performed live and projected on a huge wall.

Watch it on Vimeo!


Co-owner / designer at Stijlbende


Sweden’s iZettle has developed a mini chip-card reader + app that turns your iPhone and iPad into a mobile cash register. I can definitely imagine that this is an interesting development for small business owners and mobile companies (think: taxi-drivers, bike-messengers, etc). The iZettle service is now available across Scandinavia and the UK, and hopefully soon in the rest of the EU.

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