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Early this year, designers from all across Google, including Creative Lab and the Material Design team, came together and worked on a new brand identity. A logo that can beautifully exist on all the different platforms, devices, stages and screens Google products live on. I needed some time to say goodbye to the old one, but now I like it a lot.

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Muscles talk

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Muscles talk

Thalmic Labs announces the launch of their revolutionary gesture control device, MYO, an armband worn on the forearm that senses electrical activity in the muscles, allowing users to interact with digital technologies using just their fingers and hands.

Amazing tech!


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New light

Philips started selling its high-tech Hue LED light bulbs exclusively in Apple stores. Screw in the bulbs and you can customize almost everything from light colour, brightness to timer, all through an app. What’s also interesting is that Philips will release an API so that developers can start creating apps using the Hue technology. Think of a nav app that turns your lights on when you’re near your home. Neat!

Philips hue