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In-Ear Equalizer

What if you could control the sound IN your ears with a fancy App? Reduce Bass at a festival. Add Treble at a live concert. Mute sounds on the subway. This Kickstarted project promises just that: an equalizer for your ears.

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Producer at ACHTUNG!


The Metropole Ocherstra created Tweetphony: musical tweets to get attention for the cultural cuts of the government. Compose your own pianotweet and the most interesting ones will be arranged in a 30 minutes concert and played by the Metropole Orchestra.


Muscle Music

Co-founder First +

Muscle Music

Old Spice is back with another video that shakes up the internet. Muscle man Terry Crews shows you the power of music by moving his muscles. But that’s not it: in the end you can play your own muscle music by using your keyboard. Great!

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