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Happy Faces

Nature or even an image that represents it can help us calm down our stressed brain. With his graduation project Happy Faces,  Dennis van Gaalen gave the top 10 monumental trees of Rotterdam a visual identity. Each face serves as an infographic to explain specific details of the tree it represents. 10 trees makes 10 beautiful faces.

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So Microsoft has redesigned its corporate logo, the first large-scale logo redesign since 1987. Described by some as ‘Meh‘, it’s definitely an improvement on previous attempts. Read some interesting arguments on the pros and cons in this article.

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Road trippin’

When German former Lufthansa executive Gunther Holtorf retired in 1989 he and his wife decided not to enjoy a quiet life. They packed their Mercedes Benz G-Wagen – named ‘Otto’ – and set of for a 18-month trip through Africa. Now, 23 years later, 74-year old Gunther is still driving, having visited over 200 countries. Along the way Gunter made some great pictures with his pair of Leica camera’s.

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