Creative Director at Mangrove. Realisation

Design disruptors

What is the impact of design? This documentary on how design became the new language of business looks very promising. Featuring top designers from Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, Dropbox, Twitter, Google and others. Nice teaser website too (bit laggy though).

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Creative Director at Mangrove. Realisation

Face This

Drawings by Indonesian kids turned into awesome T-Shirts by designers to fund their schools (of the kids, not the designers). That’s what Face This stands for. They just launched a 15-minute documentary to tell their story. With some well-known faces, and even Alt-J, Kensington and other artists donated songs to accompany the movie.

Face This Film


Sr. Groove Advisor at BUUTVRIJ


The Build is an interactive film exploring the world of independent custom bike builders in Portland, Oregon.

Thor Drake, James Crowe and Casey Him tell their story in an honest, very authentic way. Nice work by INSTRUMENT productions.

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