A crop of Robert Beatty's album cover for Tame Impala's Currents

Digital designer and prototyper at Bakken & Bæck.

Robert Beatty

Yesterday I bought the (purple and yellow!) vinyl release of Tame Impala’s new album ‘Currents’. If you enjoy good music and a good album cover, this is one to buy. The cover was created by Robert Beatty, an artist and musician from Lexington, Kentucky. His portfolio is a trip through brilliantly colourful and psychedelic work with a nostalgic feel. His Toilet Paper Cosmos Tumblr is worth following, too.

Robert Beatty


Creative Director at Mangrove. Realisation


Really digging the work of Breda-based artist Hedof. His latest NewWork is a mural in collaboration with Portuguese illustrator AkaCorleone to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Amsterdam-Lisbon connection. Commissioned by KLM.

check it out


Consultant for creative agencies

Pigeon Portraits

The coming show at Unruly Gallery is called Pigeon Portraits: an exhibition by Adele Renault and Lisa Roze, joining forces because they share a true fascination for pigeons. Opening is next week at the gallery on Friday from 17.00 hrs – see you there!