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Loves: gifts, the internet, music, parties, art, broccoli, cycling and yo mama.

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The guys from The Incredible Machine wanted to make the clock relevant again by connecting it to the web. The prototype is based on a small computer called Raspberry Pi and combines different Google calendars in real time. In this way the clock will always show the updated calendars of the whole family or work team. Hopefully they put it on Kickstarter, because I want one.



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Burma Collection

New Amsterdam based brand Ikku creates future friendly accessories for your laptop and i-devices. This special collection combines recycled denim and recycled canvas with hand-woven fabrics from Burma. So if you’re looking for a cool and sustainable way to protect your gear, Ikku might be right for you.

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We’re all extremely busy these days and here’s the perfect solution for that problem. Please take a moment to surf to this site. Choose your time, music and scenery and relax for a while.

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