NewWork is an inspiration platform, run by a collective of people working in the creative industry. On the blog, they share their inspiration and latest work, which makes it your daily base for new stuff, and also a big online portfolio for all it’s members. For real life inspiration and fun, NewWork organizes various events on an irregular basis.

Become a member

Members are the core of NewWork. They share their work and inspiration in an attempt to inspire others. If you think you have enough inspiring new work to share, without being it all your own, please contact us. We need you as much as you need us.

Become a partner

With it’s members wide spread within the Dutch creative industry, and an even bigger vast follow, NewWork is an important partner for agencies, brands and beyond. Partnerships are offered, ranging from customized collaborations to the classic search for new people. Contact us for details.


Highly represented in the creative scene, New Work offers a great opportunity for posting job applications. If you are interested in posting in our job section, please contact us.